Battersea Crime Prevention Panel

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The core function of the Panel is crime prevention which is achieved through a partnership between BCPP, the Community, the Council and the Police. This is achieved by funding a variety of initiatives and projects which focus on those at risk, whether young or old, in an endeavour to make Battersea and Balham a better and safer place to live, work and play.  It was established for the general benefit of the public to:

  • Promote the encouragement of greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime.
  • Assist the police in measures designed to reduce the level of crime.
  • Provide recreational and leisure time activities for young people, in the interest of crime prevention and social welfare.
  • Promote for the benefit of the public partnership with the Police and other organisations including the Council, the protection of people and property from, and the prevention of criminal acts.

Battersea Crime Prevention Panel is a registered charity (Registration number 1076855). More information can be found at

Fund Raising

The main fund raising event is the annual Battersea Ball.  It has become one of the largest charity Balls in London and is the reason why the Panel is able to function so successfully, with much of its funding coming from income raised by this event.